Bet! Roll! Win! Bet! Roll! Are these words quite familiar to you? Many of us are engaged in the world of gambling but only a few of us really know where it started from. Some of us are just entertained by the thought that in this kind of game we can win money and many other things. Most of us are only interested in winning money. It does not matter where we engage in gambling – on the streets, a certain casino or simply at home. All that matters to us is winning.

Let’s go back in time where it all started so that we can be in touch with how it all started. Going back in time we will see how gambling developed and what each culture or nation of people think about gambling which is now one of the big shots in the gaming industry not only as a sport but also as a form of leisure.

The word gambling pertains to the act of betting or wagering money or some other form of valuables on an event that has an uncertain outcome. The primary focus of gambling is to win money or other valuable items like houses or cars. In history, we see that men won slaves as a result of gambling. Usually the results of the bet are visible within a short period of time because the essence of gambling is to win.

Studies have shown that gambling originated in two flourishing countries which are two worlds apart. Gambling originated in the west which is in Europe and on the east which is in China. This is such a wonder because these two worlds are very far indeed to travel if you are going to think about it very broadly for such a mystery to unfold. The games which started in the different parts of Europe are as follow: as craps, baccarat, roulette, and blackjack. These games are a sure proof of what the Europeans did to have fun.

One popular game developed by the Chinese culture is keno which is in essence an ancient Chinese lottery game that has been adapted by many casinos in the world. A very much proof, that indeed this game had grown from its shell and now being enjoyed by all. In addition, pai gow poker, which is a combination of pai gow and poker had its root in …