Aggressive System for the Wrong Bettor

Since you never give the house more than 0.8 percent by laying single odds on the don’t pass and don’t come bets, you don’t want to increase the house’s advantage beyond that percentage. There are three possible ways to play more aggressively and still hold the line on the casino’s edge.

Instead of increasing each bet by one unit after every win, you can raise the bet by two units. This is a sane method to use when taking advantage of a cold table, always subject, however, to the safeguards outlined in the basic strategy.
You can increase your bets by one unit after each win, but instead of making two don’t come bets, you can make three of them. This gives you another bet out on the layout, but at the same time it gives the dice another target for repeats. At a very cold table, where few numbers or none are repeating, a player will be able to make a lot of money in a short time betting this way.
The final and most aggressive alternative is to raise each winning bet by two units and then make three don’t come bets. Be super careful when doing this and be aware of the possibility of a hot roll repeating numbers till all the don’t come numbers come down. If numbers start repeating, stop betting, take the temporary loss, and wait for the shooter to seven out before making another don’t bet, either on the line or on don’t come.
With this method, however, if you get a cold table, the money will pile up quickly, and you should net a beautiful win.…

Baccarat strategy

Part of baccarat’s allure is the way it resists strategy. Players have no say in how the cards are dealt. Betting is the only variable, and there are only three options. The preferable bet is obviously banker because it wins most frequently and has the lowest house edge. This is especially true if the vig is only four percent.

Bets on player don’t win as often, but the no-vig payoff brings the house edge for player nearly even to banker. The difference between player and banker in all cases is less than one percent.

Tie is the only wager that offers a clear choice, and that choice should be no. The 14.4 percent house edge qualifies it as a sucker bet. Combining a tie bet with a simultaneous bet on player or banker drops the overall house edge to about 12 percent. That’s still an edge for suckers. There is simply no way to improve tie. You’ll get better odds betting craps propositions.

Following trends and counting cards

Some people think it’s possible to predict future baccarat results by analyzing previous wins and losses. That’s why you’ll often see players studiously scribbling notes. Casinos offer paper and writing instruments to assist them. This is an obvious indication that such systems don’t work.

Counting cards is also not effective. Repeated analysis has shown that baccarat’s rules make the game impossible to accurately predict until the very end of the shoe. A millionaire could earn about $10 an hour with perfect counting. So baccarat remains an unbeatable game and an elegant mystery.…

Bad News and a Good Job

I’ve been around gambling casinos and craps tables for more years than I care to remember. I’ve seen some hot shoots that made men hundreds of thousands of dollars, and cold tables that would freeze anything in sight.

In the end, it’s not only a matter of luck, but a matter of preserving your capital so that when that hot roll comes and the dice go your way, you have sufficient cash to back up your play to the hilt.

Once, going through a Strip hotel, I saw a dealer I had been instrumental in getting a job for at a smaller Strip hotel. He was living with a woman friend of mine, and she had a small kid and asked me if I could help him.

I knew a number of casino bosses and presidents of hotels, and went to one, introduced this man, who I’ll call Jake, to the president of the casino. The president owed me a few favors and agreed to have Jake audition as a craps dealer.

The audition went well. By audition, I mean just what the word implies. It’s not the same as trying out for a part in a Broadway play, but there is the same result if you succeed. You get the job.

Jake was allowed to become a dealer on a crew for an evening, and his work was examined by the pit boss. Jake had been dealing at a small casino downtown, then lost the job, or so he claimed, to politics going on in the craps pit.

And I liked the woman he was living with and knew what kind of struggle she had had just to bring up the little girl. So I was happy he got the job. The casino had some high rollers, and the tokes were good here, and sometimes extraordinary, if a rich local guy got a hold of hot dice and made his hundred thousand or more.…