To Tip or Not to Tip–That is the Question

Tipping is an arbitrary decision, and the amount to be given depends on the discretion of the tipper. However, tipping has nowadays become a social obligation whenever you are being served in a restaurant. But it is quite different when you are in the casino.

Remember that the casino has a house advantage that is willing to take your money. However, dealers are a different story. They are trained to handle the game to ensure fairness and enjoyment. Obviously, the money that they receive when you lose does not go into their pockets; they get the same monthly paycheck like you do. Most dealers get low salary and hugely rely on nightly tips.

Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that you should tip casino dealers all the time. In fact there might be ill-mannered or incompetent casino dealers that you might encounter while playing. On the other hand, there are really good dealers who ensure you of enjoyment. There are some who play slowly so that beginners could catch up, and there are some who choose to be quiet for the let’s-get-down-to-business players. There are dealers who are friendly, remind you to take odds or even place your bet on the roulette table (if you can’t reach it yourself). In short, it is advised to tip the casino dealers who recognize your needs while playing.

As soon as you are inclined to do so, one way to tip the dealer is to give them the money directly. This can be done by discreetly handing them the bill before you leave the table.

Still, another fun way to tip the casino dealer is to give them something to bet. For example, as you sit by the blackjack table, place another bet next to yours, and tell the dealer that the bet is for him or her. If the dealer wins, he or she gets the winnings, and the original bet.

Giving the casino dealer a portion of your bet is another way of tipping. Tell the casino dealer that he can take a dollar of every five dollars’ worth of winnings. This way, the dealer feels some excitement and feel like he or she is part of the game. It might even relax the dealer while performing the routine job.

Casino dealers are monthly compensated by the house, but this doesn’t mean that they do not deserve any tip at all. In fact, …

A craps strategy list

Besides place six and place eight, the remaining wagers all have a house edge of 2.4 percent to 6.7 percent. That’s comparable to roulette and better than keno and some slots, but for craps it’s really mediocre. Don’t waste your money. Below is a short list that summarizes craps optimum betting strategy.

Bet the pass line, don’t pass bar, come or don’t come.
Take or give maximum odds but avoid over betting.
Bet place six or place eight if your gut tells you the shooter is hot, but take the wagers down after a few rolls.
Don’t waste time or money on place, buy, or lay bets for the remaining numbers because odds wagers are better.
Avoid proposition bets.
Follow this strategy and the overall house edge will always be less than 1.5 percent and usually less than one percent. That’s nearly an even contest. Combine strategy with the discipline to walk away at the right time, and you’ll often leave the table with chips stuffing your pockets.

Craps’ price for fun

and money management

Every craps bet is different, but if you follow our strategy then the overall price for fun should be less that 1.5 percent of your bankroll when wagered once through, plus whatever you’re willing to spend for bad luck. The game is typically played at a rate of about thirty line decisions per hour (an average of four rolls per decision).

Craps is notorious for hot and cold streaks. If the dice are rolling against you, don’t fight them. Reduce your bets and if that doesn’t work, then take a break.

Don’t leave too many wagers on the table. A typical heartbreak scenario is being ahead but having five or six bets working, four of which can be taken down. The table suddenly goes cold. Nothing is happening. You don’t move swiftly and suddenly the shooter throws a seven; they all disappear…

Aggressive System for the Wrong Bettor

Since you never give the house more than 0.8 percent by laying single odds on the don’t pass and don’t come bets, you don’t want to increase the house’s advantage beyond that percentage. There are three possible ways to play more aggressively and still hold the line on the casino’s edge.

Instead of increasing each bet by one unit after every win, you can raise the bet by two units. This is a sane method to use when taking advantage of a cold table, always subject, however, to the safeguards outlined in the basic strategy.
You can increase your bets by one unit after each win, but instead of making two don’t come bets, you can make three of them. This gives you another bet out on the layout, but at the same time it gives the dice another target for repeats. At a very cold table, where few numbers or none are repeating, a player will be able to make a lot of money in a short time betting this way.
The final and most aggressive alternative is to raise each winning bet by two units and then make three don’t come bets. Be super careful when doing this and be aware of the possibility of a hot roll repeating numbers till all the don’t come numbers come down. If numbers start repeating, stop betting, take the temporary loss, and wait for the shooter to seven out before making another don’t bet, either on the line or on don’t come.
With this method, however, if you get a cold table, the money will pile up quickly, and you should net a beautiful win.…